The Missing Rungs Of The Property Ladder

Posted on : Jan - 28 By: Julian England

Housing Ladder

Generations of prospective house-buyers have found the general strategy of  “Rent, Save and Buy” to be the most effective way to purchase their first property. However, the dramatic transformation of the property landscape over the last 4 years has turned this traditional…Read More

Rent A Room Scheme

Posted on : Dec - 18 By: Julian England


Renting out a spare room is definitely not for everybody, but statistics reveal that the number of home owners willing to take the plunge has doubled over the past year. With a tax free allowance of up to £4,250 per annum the governments Rent A Room…Read More

Property Management-Shades of Grey?

Posted on : Oct - 14 By: Julian England

Hole in carpet

Unfortunately this is not a titillating “ 50 Shades of Grey” sequel and I apologise in advance for any disappointment caused. Many landlords and tenants are unaware of  what constitutes “wear and tear”. When does wear & tear become damage & how…Read More

Edinburgh Rental Market Q2 2012

Posted on : Aug - 31 By: Julian England


The rental property market in Edinburgh has had a mixed bag of results in the second quarter with 2 & 3 bed properties experiencing the biggest increase in rental values from last year (Both up 2.9%). Unfortunately landlords of 1 bed properties…Read More