Atlas Lettings provides simple solutions to all of your property letting and management needs throughout Edinburgh & its surrounding districts. Our team is on call 24/7 to provide you with clear & honest advice.

In the Beginning

Our founder Julian England became a landlord on 10th October 1990. With the Bank of England base rate peaking at 14% and property prices dropping like a stone you would be quite right to question his sanity at this time.

However, Julian applied a practical solution to an awkward problem and by moving into shared rental accommodation with his friends he was able to cover his increased mortgage with the rent he was receiving from his own property.

As a Newborn landlord he employed the services of a letting agent, but was quite aggrieved by the hidden fees he was constantly presented with.

Julian decided to go it alone and as a fully qualified aeronautical engineer found little difficulty in dealing with property maintenance issues and soon came to grips with the legal aspects of managing a property. Within two months he devised a streamline system of self management which saved him over £1,700 per year (On just one property).

From this day he has built up an impressive property portfolio by applying the same principles he learnt from the early years. Julian wanted to create a service for the busy landlord which employed the same money saving ideas. A service “By Landlords, for Landlords”. He is now the driving force behind Atlas Lettings, an on-line property management agency which was established in 2009. We are proud to say that we have been in your shoes.

Clear pricing and good honest service is what we are about.

The Customer is King & Queen

Our world revolves around you.

For one clear fee we will perform the job that you have asked for. We will carry out our duties in a polite & friendly fashion at all times and ensure that our product always meets all of your expectations.

Property is Our Passion

Our team is passionate about property and keeps up to date on all of the latest property legislation and market trends. If we cannot find the answer to your question our research team will find it in a jiffy.

Keeping it Simple

This is everything we stand for, from our simple pricing to our straight forward services. Nobody wants to be hit by nasty surprises and unexpected bills.

What you see is what you get!

Julian England (Property Manager)